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Membership Info

Membership in your Calimesa Chamber of Commerce is an investment in your local community and is vital to our success as well as the benefits it brings to help enhance and promote your business.  As the first point of contact for community information or referrals we are here to help promote your business or organization.  The Chamber will be happy to assist you with planning and participation in a Grand Opening, Mixer, Business Anniversary or special event – anything to bring awareness and information about your business to local as well as surrounding communities.

Your membership in the Calimesa Chamber of Commerce can assist in opening doors of introduction to policymakers and state, county and city officials.  Through attendance at our fundraising events, you increase the opportunity to engage others on matters of interest and help address the concerns of local business owners.  Networking with Calimesa Chamber Business Members strives to bring attention to and steward contributions made in Calimesa’s economy.  Together we as Chamber Advocates, Business Owners and Residents, remain interconnected in support of each other.  Your support at our events is important to build relationships within the community and improve your business.


Why Join?


  • Online listing of your business with a link to your business website
  • Networking opportunities with other local businesses
  • Presence in our Chamber office – Bring in your marketing materials for visitors to see
  • Calimesa Chamber Welcome Bags – Welcome bags are provided to all new home owners in the local area.  As a Chamber member, your marketing material, coupons or advertisements will be included in our welcome bags which are distributed by our volunteers each month.


What if there was no Calimesa Chamber of Commerce?

  • There would be no office to respond to the inquiries about your community and its opportunities.
  • There would be no information gathering center with which to inform the business community and advise it of current events affecting them.
  • There would be no collective force to make known the physical needs of the business community such as roads, utilities, facilities, and safety.
  • There would be no focal point for social gatherings of the business community wherein an exchange of ideas and services may take place.
  • There would be no political voice to keep our elected representatives aware of the community feeling on legislative action and needs affecting the business community.
  • There would be no united business voice at all levels of government, keeping tabs on what happens in the agencies that tax, license and regulate business.

If there were not a Chamber of Commerce, chances are you just might be among the forerunners of a group to establish a Chamber of Commerce.

Your local Calimesa Chamber of Commerce is a rallying point and instrument for the promotion of plans, ideas and projects!


To complete your New Membership or Renewal, please select your level of membership and update your company profile by completing the enclosed form.  If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Membership Application

Membership Information


Best Regards,

Donna K. Lotz
Chamber of Commerce President

With you, we can make a difference!

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